My logo concept. Looks a bit sketchy, huh? (Sorry.) Audiobook Studio

Record, edit and produce audiobooks, quickly and easily.

Speed up production by at least a factor of two.

Seriously, that’s how much better and faster Audiobook Studio is, compared with other audio software.

Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Audacity—all the digital audio workstations that people use, just aren’t a good fit for making audiobooks. They mostly target musicians, and speech-related things are an afterthought. But the fact of the matter is that the tasks of audiobook editing are substantially different from these, and so existing tools offer little practical assistance for producing audiobooks.

By focusing just on the pain points of producing audiobooks, Audiobook Studio is able to speed up audiobook production enormously, while also producing better results.

Hours taken to produce one hour of finished audio

I, Chris Morgan, the creator of Audiobook Studio, tend to take around ten hours to produce one hour of finished audio; but with Audiobook Studio, I’m targetting two and a half hours initially, and when I achieve that I’ll target two hours next.

Keep audiobook production enjoyable.

If you do your own editing, you know this truth: editing is tedious. What’s worse, in theory it’s basically all automatable.

You’re probably also familiar with the pain of making sure the audio files you export match a certain set of specifications—loudness levels, noise floor, filenames, ID3 tags on MP3 files, et cetera. Guess what? Yep: again, it’s all automatable.

Except, for some reason, no one automated it before. So here we are: Audiobook Studio, automating what should have been automated years ago, so that you can focus on the fun part, the creative part—reading books.

Maybe you can spend the time and care freed up by using Audiobook Studio to experiment with voice characterisations. Or maybe you’ll take on more work because you can do it so much faster now, and with so much less stress. Or maybe you’ll just get your work done sooner, and relax. It’s up to you.

Of course, there’s a catch.

That catch is that Audiobook Studio is not yet ready. It’s still in fairly early stages of development, with the GUI in progress, my own documentation of planned functionality, experimental Rust code, and much mental planning. But it is coming.

You may think I’m overreaching in my estimates of time saved, but I have concrete plans in mind on how to achieve those goals. There’s plenty of R&D to do before I get there, but rest assured: it is achievable, and I shall achieve it, if the Lord wills I live to do this or that.

If you are interested in hearing more about Audiobook Studio, please give me your email address below, and also consider emailing me directly. (I love to have people to talk about it all with, so I can learn about what you need and make a better product.)

— Chris Morgan, and

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